Create micro-courses

tailored for students upcoming exam

Offer micro-courses to existing as well as new students

Create micro-courses

tailored for students upcoming exam

Offer micro-courses to existing as well as new students


Make Isaac micro-courses your differentiator

Help students get more marks

Students need the most help before exams. Help them prepare with micro-courses and improve their scores.

Get new students

Offer public micro-courses to new students. Showcase how you teach and market your courses like never before.

Earn More

You set the price that you want to charge your students for the micro-courses.

Reuse your teachings

The syllabus doesn't change often. Same doubts are asked year on year. Build your repository and reuse forever


Crash course of a chapter

Everything a student needs to learn or revise a chapter in the shortest possible time

PDF Notes
Important concept videos
Important questions with solution videos
Curated practice questions
Doubt clear with explanation videos


Isaac facilitates the creation, listing, searching, and buying of microcourses on a single platform.

Create micro-course. Add content

You can specify if your course has learning materials, doubt clear over an Isaac class, or both

Set the price and privacy. Publish

A public micro-course appears in students’ search results. An unlisted micro-course can be shared via link.

Student buys a micro-course

Student can search for chapter micro-course specific to a class and subject.

Teacher conducts the micro-course class

If the course includes doubt clearing over class, a chat group based class is created where teacher and students can interact with each other


All the videos, questions and notes is added to your personal repository. Create once, use forever!

Convert notes into videos 

for concept videos

Solve & explain videos

for solution videos

Instant videos 

for clearing doubts


Get started for FREE !

Limited EARLY BIRD OFFER on our paid plans! Check the Pricing Section for more details.


E-Learning Content Creation Studio

Easily create concept videos, solution videos for your micro-course. Stay organized with folders and tags.

Smart Chat for Doubt Clearing

Designed for Learning - The Isaac smart chat is designed for asking questions and explaining solutions

Micro-course management

Create, list and manage your micro-course offerings. You can choose to offer it for free or set any price you want.


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