The teacher who inspired me to dance, express myself and stay humble

Teachers are more than just individuals who have and share knowledge; they are coaches, they encourage, they are confidants, counsellors, believers in dreams, and so much more. Teachers pull out of us things we didn’t know we had, and they speak into us ideas that we never thought possible. So, what can we do for individuals […]

My inspiration, My teacher – A woman of substance

Growing up, my wandering mind derived inspirations from bits and pieces to kinds and mankind. A lot many things inspired me and tickled my curiosity furthermore and in the end, I was full of lots of whats and whys. May it be philosophy or for some mighty guidance, the answer to all my whats and […]

Blended Learning – Future Right Ahead – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we talked about the merits of classroom education and online education and the fact that both have their unique merits. The word ‘unique’ is important here because it naturally leads to the rationale that, ideally, we should look to get the ‘best of both worlds’. This is popularly termed […]

Blended Learning – Future Right Ahead – Part 1

From the age of ‘gurukuls’ to modern day schools, teachers and students have always had a face to face relationship. The word ‘relationship’ here is key because that’s exactly what face to face interaction allows for. Teachers can understand their students, understand their strengths and weaknesses, pick up from non-verbal communication and modify their teaching […]