A Tribute to my Teacher – Mrs Krishna Chatterjee

There is a famous saying – “The duties of a Teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character.”

There is no denying to the fact that teachers are the building blocks of society who educate people and make them better human beings. A good teacher plays a pivotal role in shaping the career of a child throughout the course of his / her journey of life. I was indeed blessed to have one such teacher in my life who had helped me build the strong foundation right at the start of my student journey.

Her name is Mrs. Krishna Chatterjee, who was my class teacher at my kindergarten school and was subsequently inducted as my home tutor during my primary classes. She was a lady of principles and high moral values. I can now understand the amount of struggles and sacrifices she had to make in her personal life but that did not affect her teaching in any ways. She used to walk a distance of around 10–12 kms everyday from her home to mine and back just to save that extra penny. 

With a smile on her face and calm composure she always used to motivate and encourage me to prepare well for my studies and exams. She used to take care of me just like my own mother. There was a time when my mother and I were staying with her for a week while she trained me for competitive exams to get into secondary schools.

A teacher like her can motivate students to excel and reach greater heights in their careers. Today, me being a software professional in one of India’s leading IT organizations, I would like to dedicate my success to my teacher and pay my regards to her for helping me in building my foundation and always motivating me to strive for more throughout my life.

Soham Roy

Soham Roy

Soham has 12 years of experience in the IT Services industry. He specializes as a Project Manager and has an ITSM (IT Service Management) background.
He loves adventures and is a huge fan of trekking, exploring unexplored places and biking.

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3 thoughts on “A Tribute to my Teacher – Mrs Krishna Chatterjee”

  1. First we ‘Believe’, then we ‘Build’. And who helps us to build ?
    Must be some ‘Teaching’ or a ‘Teacher’

    Yes! Soham’s inspiring story echoes, it does resonate, wonderful initiative by team ‘ISAAC’

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