Isaac For Students

Learning made simple

  • Ask your teacher for learning videos, not just homework ! 

  • Ask someone a doubt and get replied in videos

  • Make group studies fun!

Isaac For Teachers

Complement your classes with Isaac

  • Pre-create concept videos for your students to refer

  • Share video notes of what you teach

  • Clear doubts by easily creating video explanations

The Isaac Advantage

Ideal for Teachers

Isaac is your differentiator, your advantage

  • Give personal attention to all your students without a lot of effort
  • Easily complement your classes with video based learning
  • Build your own digital brand and grow your student base

Perfect for students

Learn from your teachers and friends, even when you are not in front of them. Not everyone gets to clear all their doubts, NOW YOU CAN

  • Ask doubts when you have them, not wait for the next class 
  • Get doubts cleared via solution videos from your teachers or friends  
  • Ideal for group studies between friends

Why Us

About Us

Our mission is to empower every teacher to be self-dependent in delivering 21st Century learning to their students.

We consider ourselves a lucky, passionate and specialized group of people who are dedicated to improve the quality of education fundamentally by enabling teachers and students to achieve more. 

And we are not alone. We are partnering with teachers and students across India and the USA to create an experience which would change the way you think about learning.

Our Vision

Based out of Bangalore, India, our aim is to disrupt and decentralize the online education industry by giving the power of modern technology to every teacher and student. Each day we ask ourselves these questions and dedicate ourselves to solving them 

  • How can we help make education more effective? 
  • How can we empower every teacher to easily cater to the learning needs of every individual student?
  • How can we make sharing knowledge between friends a great experience?

Join Us

There is something special about knowing your hard work and talents are helping millions get better education. Changing the game takes talent – yours. 

Passionate Developers: If you have the talent and passionif you like to work with latest technologies, if you like to have fun at work, be a part of an inclusive and collaborative culture, please contact us @

Time to teach the virus a lesson! Interested?

What are you waiting for! Try the Isaac App (Beta Version) out by clicking on the Google Play Store image link below

We would love to have you in our team of beta testers. You get an app which is both useful and free to you. We get something priceless – your feedback and support! 

You can reserve your spot in our team of beta testers by filling out the form here. 

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